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Middletown Suburban Travel Baseball (Little League)


Suburban travel baseball is played in the spring and offers the opportunity to play against teams from other local communities and typically represents a more challenging and advanced level of play in comparison to the in-house program. The games are on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons starting early April and ending in mid June. The purpose of Suburban travel team is to offer a more challenging level of a baseball than can be seen in the in-house league. The intention of Suburban Travel would be to have many players with similar abilities and talent competing with each other on a weekly basis. These teams will play teams from the area with players with similar abilities and talent. Interested players are required to try out to be selected to a Suburban Travel Team. There is an additional charge to play Suburban Travel. The cost changes yearly. Suburban Travel is offered for kids 8-12 years of age.


Middletown has three divisions of play for players ages 8-12. It is the intention of MAA to have at least one team at each age group for each baseball season. The ability to field one or more teams at each age group is contingent upon sufficient player interest, volunteer coaches and field availability. A player must play in house baseball in one of the three divisions at Middletown to be eligible to play Suburban Travel Baseball as follows


Novice Division – Player must be 8 years of age to play on the 8 yr old Suburban Travel Team


Intermediate Division – Players must be 9 or 10 years of age to play on the 9yr or 10yr Suburban Travel Team (9 yr old players are eligible to try out for the 10yr old team. If a 9yr old player does try out for a 10yr old and not selected, they can also try out for the 9 yr old team)


Majors Division – Players must be 11 or 12 years of age to play on the 11yr or 12yr Suburban Travel Team (11 yr old players are eligible to try out for the 12yr old team. If an 11yr old player does try out for a 12yr old and not selected, they can also try out for the 11 yr old team)


Players can not try out or play outside their division for in-house or Suburban Travel Baseball


Parent and Player Commitment – Suburban Travel baseball is a huge commitment during the spring baseball season (April-June) not just by the player but parents as well. Suburban travel players will play 2 games a week Friday and Sunday for Suburban and 2 games a week for an in-house team Saturday and one week day. Additionally there will be practices for both Suburban (Wednesday nights) and in-house team. This means 5-6 days of baseball each week for the players. This is stated just to inform parents and players before try-outs and season, so this is not a surprise later.


Any Player interested to try out for a Suburban Travel Baseball team, should sign up during signups or contact the coach of the team list below. Any concerns or questions about Suburban Travel Baseball please contact Bill Thomas.


Coaches to be listed on webpage